so why a spokesperson?

This weekend while doing all things sl, mainly hanging out at various orientation islands, I answered a few IMs about why the face of is goth and pink.  Why not be prim and proper with our spokesperson personna?

I think it goes to something I read on  What excellent articles on that blog!!!  Well and maybe tuning in to the superbowl to watch the commercials and seeing how did theirs.  The super bowl!  Pffft, anyone that knows me will tell you that my idea of good sports is fencing.  Albeit, I will be the first to say that fencing is horrible to watch (if you don’t know me don’t flame me on the fencing dis, I was on a national fencing team back in the day . . .).

So anyway, we needed a face and since sl is all about being whatever you want to be – then why not?  Goth and pink, it’s the new black! 

So say welcome to our spokesperson (and yes we do pay her in Lindens).  ^_^


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