are you a visionary? o_O

well we decided to add a sim, spur of the moment and need your help (crickets . . . I realize no one is reading this)  -_-

so the title is a little dramatic, but hey, we wanted to throw out the chance for anyone (someone . . . please) to toss out ideas for our latest sim.  theme-wise that is.  a few of us sat round last night while I tried to get $9.00 in a wacky way (1 AM, real bright bulb at that time) and talked about maybe a retro 1950’s sim and the viewpoint of what they thought modern was back in the day.  so kinda Jetsons fab meets Mayberry drab (ooh, kinda clever and rhymes)

anyway, any ideas out there?  we already have a few peeps wanting to live there and we need to start planning the public spaces.  so comment any ideas and we will start.

hmm . . ., me pictures a mod trailer park with tiny 512 lots . . . silver airstreams and pink flamingos . . . and a laundrymat!

omg!  a community bomb shelter!  nothing says American 1950’s quite like a bomb shelter does!  ^_^


13 Responses to “are you a visionary? o_O”

  1. 1 Mace February 13, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Now that is a great idea. Maybe 512 lots with a prim bonus a few tract homes a main street with a strip people can cruise in their hot rod. The bomb shelter is good but was really late 50’s early 60’s. What about a drive-in and off by itself a nice spooky house for everyone to have rumors about hauntings? A malt shop, a record store, and a of course somewhere to buy suitable clothing. Good reference is easy to find, thankfully. A good music stream playing 50’s music is an absolute must. Poodle skirts and pompadors!

  2. 2 iliveisl February 14, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    wow! thank you so much Mace! and nice on learning Dreamweaver. and congrats on the new job! hey do you create stuff isl? i saw your 3D work (some of us use Blender). anyway, let us know your AV name and we will help you out isl if ya like.

  3. 3 Mace February 14, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Oh gods teeth! you went to my website! >=) the one i havent updated in roughly two years. Ouch! I need to look at that this weekend. I work in 3D Max, Poser and Photoshop for that work. Blender is very cool because it is free but the interface drives me nuts. Do a people search for Mace Maverick. You will find me and there by also find my store. Which also needs a serious update.

  4. 4 mo February 15, 2008 at 3:30 am

    I vote for a steampunk sim filled with airships, victorian indutrial buildings, weird and fantasic machinery…..just a thought.

  5. 5 iliveisl February 15, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    i do love that imagery Mo, and i am still uncertain what direction to go in. Anshe does have sims that the theme is uber locked down (no modifying of anything, including houses). seems like the steampunk would work very well for that scenario. i also would like to do a furry sim with premade houses like a grounded tanker, a crashed cargo plane, et cetera acting as homes. very cool idea and *if* my tyrannical plans succeed, I will have sioms like that (lol, some serious nerves here, eesh, anxiety . . .) :)

  6. 6 Mace February 15, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    The problem with Steampunk is that it is being done really well in two or three places right now. Caledon, Babbdage and one other I can never recall until I am there. If you want to do something truly original, go for a 1920’s horror ala H.P. Lovecraft with a touch of adventure pulp ala Indiana Jones. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steampunk. There is a lot of it out there in SL though.

  7. 7 iliveisl February 15, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    wow, I know Lovecraft! what a great idea. BUT (doh on the negation that “but” brings), i guess it comes down to economics, do you spend a lot of time developing a sim to a very rich experience and then see if the market will bear the higher tiers fees for the residents? i think the answer is yes, I know of several examples of very detailed sims that charge wicked high tier fees. like $46 per month for 3072 square metres.

    for us i guess it’s a matter of getting our feet wet with a sim and learn the lessons without adding more complexity. but, then again, by being an “average” sim, we are not expressing the creative side and not building a “brand”

    the real question is one of bravery, are we brave enough to believe that in doing this we will succeed? we are not talking about making a zillion dollars, just $30 per sim would be thrilling in our books.

    hmm, i am warming to the idea of going into this with full passion (funny, none of us here tend to have issues with putting more into a project for day jobs).

    so you know what? Mo and Mace (oh no, the M&M team) have kinda raised the bar for us. thank you, we needed that (well I did for sure) ^_^

  8. 8 Mace February 15, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    Really it is all about production design and your build team. I was hot and heavy into the idea of building a Lovecraftian sim, had a group of people together and everything. The problems that arose were dis heartening at best. Everyone wanted it but no one wanted to put the work into it. I am also really huge on consistant production levels. You can’t have one piece of the build look stupendous and the rest look like ass. Even if it isn’t an RP environment you still need consistancy.

    Honestly I like your first idea a good deal. 1950’s. Trust me if you like furs (i know i do) you can get them to show up to any location, impeccably dressed so long as you make it clear that they are welcome.

  9. 9 iliveisl February 15, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    100% with your work ethic. I tend to have boundary issues with separating work projects from home projects. we all do i suppose, or we would not be doing this at all.

    i like the thought of furries, I personally love my furry avs (again with rage issues it seems). it is a diff dynamic as a furry, and even among us here, if we are all furries our interactions with each other change a little too.

    dang too many options, but then, this does not have to be out only shot at it, I imagine that LL may sell us another sim if need be . . . :)

  10. 10 Mace February 15, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Don’t forget though a SIM has a lot of room. You can squeeze an aweful lot of environent into a small space. I am not certain if it is still there but there was an awesome cyberpunk SIM running for a while. Where you landed was in an upscale futuristic neighborhood near a pseudo downtown area. A little exploring showed that you could descend into the bowels of the city and it got more grungy and less futuristic the lower you went until you were down in the sprawl. A maze like neighborhood of alley ways and passages between ratty old buildings. Some of which you could enter and poke around. The best part was that they included a wicked RP element for the cyberpunk genre. For those who recall both Cyberpunk and Shadowrun had a “cyberspace” aspect to the game. Well in this SIM (that i cant remember the name of) when you “jacked in” to cyberspace it ported you into a cyberspace enviornment which was (i found out later) the inside of all the buildings you couldn’t go into. It was blood brilliant. Three complete settings in one sim. Granted they used giant prims to do it and many people still believe that giant prims are either going to be axed or that they cause lag. Unfortunate since people ahve been saying that giant prims are getting the ax for ages now and so so far as I can tell no giant prim has caused noticable latency issues for me.

    You could always go for a Dreampark effect (ref the novel by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes.) or read this

    My quandry is always that I would want to creat an awesome RP space. Unfortunately that has a limited audience.

  11. 11 iliveisl February 15, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    dang Mace!!! excellent ideas and eloquently expressed! i like that idea of an abandoned downtown and the sim residents living on the outskirts *cogs turning in head*

    it’s all coming together and you are having a massive influence. there was going to be a mountain type structure for the subterranean bomb shelter/meeting place. so a small area dedicated to a grungy downtown (avoiding a post-apocalyptic look though).

    the addition of an exaggerated and empty downtown core will work very well. it’s important to us to create public spaces and this venue serves the 1950’s atomic era better than a tree lined park. rooftops and some type of underground spaces, similar to your description, would be a nice touch

    on the giant prims . . . am I wrong to think in the same poly terms as in Blender. a 100×100 plane has the same poly count as a 1×1 plane right?

    thank you Mace for all the advice, it is well appreciated and stirred up some buzz with us. cya in-world perhaps

  12. 12 Mace February 15, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    Polygon count and Prim count do not mesh up and never the twain shall meet. I do not know for certain so do not quote me on this but it is a safe bet that SL mesh actually renders in triangle, similar to Poser. I say this because the base SL figure is essentially a P2 mesh. So a one prim cube would have 2 polygons per face. Like I said, I may be wrong but working with the SL Prims importer in 3D Max and the base figure in Poser lead me to this hypothesis.

    One of my chief frustrations with the SL building toolkit is that they seemed to go out of their way to re invent the wheel and as a consequence we are just now getting to the point where you can build in external apps and import that into SL. It will be a glorious day if the Lindens ever impliment the ability to chamfer and extrude faces and line segments. Or barring that allow the full import of other mesh types, which I don’t actually want to see due to massive copyright issues. But I digress.

    So far as I know SL counts the prim as a single object (from the users point of view) and does not take into account polygons (visual faces). I mean think how poly massive the Greenies SIM would be. All of those round objects with hidden faces, ugh.

    Maybe take the bomb shelter idea to the next level and create a sort of underground culture flash frozen in say 1956. A warren of tunnels and shelters beneath the streets of an abandonded town suffering radiation poisoning. A tricksey sort of gag would be to have damage dealing objects secreted here and there on the surface that will register on various combat meters as well as the standard LL damage for enabled land. Sort of like mimicing radiation poisoning. Sorry, I tend to rattle on.

  13. 13 iliveisl February 16, 2008 at 3:59 am

    oh sorry, yeah the prim and polygon count not the same. in blender, a face is also 2 triangles :)

    i like that underground tunnel action, hmm, more food for thought. wow Mace, you are so creative and insightful, thank you so very much :)

    three of us are sitting here scratching our heads looking at the terrain, paralyzed in fear! LOL

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