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blah blah blah . . . oh, oops, someone actually reading this?  o_O

self-effacing humour, the standard for any upright Commonwealth citizen.  okay let’s continue to blog on the ever so exciting (if not terrifying) prospect of a new sim.  perhaps we can discipline ourselves and copy the Va Dagger model.  Va Dagger?  Yep, sharp guy with an idea we will totally rip off, document the start of a sim and some of the issues.  well maybe not in the granular detail . . .

so anyway, easy enough to order a sim, hit the land store, search for a while until you find an available sim.  make sure to be ready with a region name and estate name (don’t be caught off guard at one in the morning and asking friends what you should call it!  while our spokesperson is very endearing and delightful, peeps that don’t know her may think of vanity in the estate name, but she is so far from vain and always helpful).  we followed DoshDosh on the region name and followed our “branding” strategy.  maybe think about future expansion and reservations.  but we can’t seem to figure out the reservation dealio?  i think that has to do with the first time LL realizes you have the >$125 per month tier fee, but since the first month tier fee is waived, you can’t reserve for that fisrt month (anxiety builds).  kinda makes sense . . .

then the sim is delivered and you are notified via email. it’s pretty cool to walk around on your empty sim, stuff runs so fast with the only objects being you and whatever you have on.  while the sim supports a stated limit of 15,000 prims, there is actually an overflow and it can support another 1000 or so, that allows for peeps to come to the sim with their attachments.  Ever see that warning: Cannot move into parcel, parcel full?  well that “extra” prim budget is taken up by all those hug and dance attachements (or guns if you have rage issues like some teenie beavers we know (ALT T and you can see that like twin holstered desert eagles are also invisible in your hands/paws ready for that quick showdown with errant, territory hungry enemy beavers)

tangent alert, correcting course to current topic

once you have the sim then what?  well, lots of “estate” level decisions to make and set on that sim (in reality you are selecting options on a server).  so this is where we are (and why we were hoping to have a few weeks to research it all).  Linden has great wiki resources on all the estate settings: terraforming allowed to residents, terrain details, setting home location, and way more

we will keep you updated Va Dagger style (what a dreamboat, especially when he oes Woot! Woot!)  cya in-world!


3 Responses to “sim journal”

  1. 1 Rottley Mayo February 15, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Congratulations on the SIM. Bet you thought I never looked here. :) Anyway I tried to find you new sim on the map but didn’t have any luck. I’ll have to wait until you open it to the public but I’m very excited for you.

  2. 2 icanhazsl February 17, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    aww, so smart and witty. mo peterman grins. i like reading your writing.

  3. 3 iliveisl February 18, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    icanhazsl is a great blog name, strong imagery conjures up from it and the forst post clearly states your purpose, shoot, a little magic and you can quit your day job! :)

    thank Rottley, yeah when a sim comes, it is set for private access only, it should show up in a map search as iliveisl, but probably not allow a tp

    hmm, the island does not show on that map? if you supply iliveiSL with a valid CC number, we can arrange a tour! :p

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