sim journal – continued

okay, a chance to find the file on the usb stick and voila, the weekend warrior wannabe sim builder is now blogged:

so from that previous flickr link (here as ref) you can see the shape (one of four) that the island was delivered as. kinda looks like the Rocky Horror Picture Show marquee

side tangent: the reservation system by LL has been dropped (only spent an hour wondering why we could not conquer it, both in IE and FF), but a chat with Spike Linden solved that issue. so now rather than spending $30 per sim to reserve in a checkerboard pattern, LL just adds the next sim(s) wherever you want them. this makes so much more sense for the end user, especially since the entire map concept does not affect truly convert to inworld navigation. it’s not officially rolled out yet, so there must be other peeps knocking there heads against the Land FAQs

okay, so the islands was very nicely formed but not ideal for the way we approach sims (past experience prepping for university gigs). from the sl wiki you can download and upload a totally flat RAW terrain file and blow away your sim’s shape. or just right click, edit terrain, flatten and apply to selection. a few clicks and you have land a metre or so above sea level

why? to divide your plots easily with view property lines on. well, that math crud sneaks in now, so big rulers are made, and then big blocks corresponding to a brainstorming session were laid out. anyway, the pics are on flickr for that process . . .

the blocks were created as 8 metre cubes and we used snap to grid option set to 4 metres to align them precisely to fit the 256 grid that an island is. this worked out so well and made it easy to really get a bird’s eye view of our surveying

then we did some rough terraforming to see if the paper concept translated to the sim, added a few trees for scale and part of a road, river and small harbour. once we made a few mods to the plans, we flattened out the island again and created the real parcels right on top of the building blocks. this exercise also changed the theme of the sim to an extent, but not the overall plan for future sims. it shaped the sim to be more residential in feel, but the overall theme is still there, just not as “forced” as in previous posts

the public space becomes critical in maintaining that theme since it will hold the elements that are not to be edited by residents (trees, waterfalls, roads)

once the final terrain is set and the transitions between the four terrain details (height-based textures), it will get “baked” to form the “revert land” base

that’s where it stands now, so many little details coming up, like allowing terraforming? if so, how much? a few metres up and down? setting a prim bonus, looks like that should be done installing the public space details, and on and on, but it is very exciting and a diff learning experience than doing a sim for someone else where the plans are mostly in place


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