woot woot on sim development

we posted a bunch of pics on flickr.  the math minor part of one of us (two of us have matn monors, uber geeky eh?) is a major pain!  the balance of the desire to create a strong theme coupled with the reality of covering tier fees is colliding at a place that is not quite what was envisioned

it’s not bad, but it is very consuming indeed, we will have to go “off grid” this week and just resist the urge to answer any and every IM.  :(   it’s an issue we all have, we feel we must answer everyone, even just idle chit chat about this and that.  i do like that banter, don’t get us wrong

but then we would not be mentors either if we were not this way.  having a sim really changes the focus isl.  not in a bad way, but it does alter it

some discussion on what was going on this weekend will ensue later, thanks!

pics: http://flickr.com/photos/iliveisl/sets/72157603928882266/


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