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lots of searching led back to where we started for sim management. the Hippo rental system is the obvious choice for us. it has a solid reputation, something which is critical for peace of mind regarding our customers.

what stopped us from just going with it right from the start was our perception (2 of us are Canadian, so we should have known better) of the term “rental”. we were really stuck on that and kept looking for a “tier” system

here’s what we like on it:

  • dedicated sl company
  • fully built website (they pay attention to detail)
  • systems are used all over sl
  • tier (rental) boxes do not have to be on parcel (we want them in an office which will actually be a ferry on sim number one
  • can take USD and converts to Lindens based on daily conversion rate
  • updates every 2 hours (keeps lag low)
  • can have custom code added

so those are some pluses. the only negative, and it is very minor, is that it would be nice if you could set a cube on the parcel that allows the av to set up there Hippo payment at time of land purchase. or scan the sim for ownership changes and update that box in the office.

BUT, the customer service is amazingly awesome. th product only costs $995 L and we have not even bought one, but an email to them yielded an answer in less than 10 hours!

since you can add on, we are hoping that using scripting similar to the Mysti Sim scanner (scans ownership changes over 10 sims) can be added on. if so, this would be a mega sweet system)

here we come Hippo! ^_^


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