Hippo Technologies for Second Life

What a great product! And a sidenote: funny on Ener Hax with the Flickr comment! Yuk yuk, Subquark here and I have to say that the Hippo rental system is pretty cool. Although termed “rental” it is ideal for sim and tier fee management. I’ll sign my posts “sh” so that you (EH) don’t get any of my geeky spiritedness’s mixed into your “image” (ouch on that jab, but in your own defense, at least you do blog! I am far too busy looking at the tech details and pondering olives – a common vigilance we both share).

As a review of Hippo, they certainly earn a 10 on documentation. The explanation of all of the options within the rental cube are phenomenal. It is even possible to set a shape and texture for each of the states: rented/unrented. And possible to have the box change position based on those aforementioned states.

For example, on vacant land: have the “box” look like a billboard or a “for sale” sign. Once the land is rented, set the box shape to that a scaled version of the physical parcel and move it to a central office as part of a scaled sim map. There are many possibilities and many things can be configured from the Hippo server.

The box may also be configured in great detail for notifications, conditions to execute if an account becomes tardy, and so forth. A very remarkable product for very little money. I have looked at other systems, and in fact paid over $100 USD, to test systems that were basically crap. Hippo’s documentation alone speaks volumes to their commitment and quality of their product. It is almost foolproof and places priority on the customers security. Well done Hippo!



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  1. 1 iliveisl February 28, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    har har har *pulls out tiny violin, oops, drops even tinier bow, fudge*

    :D good jab! that little violin bow might work okay as an olive pick!

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