new sim zoning regs

well it keeps marching forward and should be pretty tight for new clients.  that really drives decisions and the initial setup of Enerville Heights.  value is critical and so is ease-of-ownership.  with value comes pride in ownership and that drives up the value is the entire island.  it’s not about making big money.  not on one sim, that strategy tends to fail isl.

for example, a friend bought a parcel on a beautifully detailed sim with lots of public space and a very strict covenant.  on paper it seemed sound.  nice prim bonus, predictable housing (you had to select from a warehouse of homes or have your home approved), lots of original architecture, a really nicely made chapel, and a sharp business district.  but the tiers were wicked high.  on the order of $46 per month for 3276 square metres!  Enerville will be around $28-29 for 4096!

we are a little more than Linden charges on the tiers but we also provide buffer zones and don’t require Premium membership.  but the diff is only $3 or $4, not $21 for a smaller parcel!  it stands to reason that pricing similar to the very successful realtors (A.C.) is reflective of what the market will bear.  it’s the same rules for sl real estate as irl real estate.

so all that to say, we hope to have you visit when we go public and as soon as this island hits 80% occupancy, another sim will come online.  quality sims at reasonable prices will yield value for you and for us.  and sl is all about the “us”, the community.

we do believe that and it is what drives us isl  ^_^

zoningRegs_013, originally uploaded by

meeting of the mindless (using full-scale models to determine building heights, we don’t just pull numbers out of the air, we meticously test and check our decisions.  see the set of these zoningReg images at our Flickr)


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