B-days Abound

for anyone with a bday on 3/26 – Yay!  :D  Happy B-Day!!!  what a great day it was, an old and well-loved friend sent massive IMs to catch up.  Hooray for Goober!  Even got an email from Torley (yes, Torley Linden!), but it was not about bday wishes, it was bout vids.  But what a treat!  *twirls, skips, dances, beams*

and Totoro!!!  yep, two Totoros are now part of the ole workstation!  ya can’t help but smile with Totoro!

so what did iliveiSL do about this great day? went nuts with Straylight butterflies!!!  tons are all over Enerville now.  :)

all in all, a really wonderful day  ^_^


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