LOL, Ener Hax goes off!

it’s not often that Ener Hax goes nuts, but after reading the blog linked below, resistance was futile, here’s what transpired:

and so arrogance negates his passion? 1 in 1,000 make 5 figures, that sounds better that World of Warcraft, or myspace, or facebook, or any of many online activities pursued

good reporting is asking how are you making money? that is all over the web, let’s see Anshe Chung pays over $110K per month to Linden Labs. over $90K per month is from users simply uploading snapshots.

you say all he did is talk during your interview, sounds like the point of an interview. kudos

it is so easy for us to criticize and close our minds (me too). i guess “only 6000 users” means that it’s all for crap and has no redeeming aspects (like just a channel for creativity, a way for people to escape – oh, like going to movies, or how about the few stories of peeps doing things they can’t do in real life – like the Behind the Drool story about that one person’s life being turned around so drastically, guess none of that makes any of second life worthwhile, and it certainly must make Philip a major egotistical maniac) *sheesh, long parentheses dealio* :D

ugh, see I got all negative too. nice . . .

as to fun? well, i am one of the 6,000 losers that really enjoys the creative side and even the social aspects of it. does that mean I don’t have a real life? you already decided that for me

anyway, i hope to blunder as badly . . . soon ^_^


1 Response to “LOL, Ener Hax goes off!”

  1. 1 anon April 2, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    I agree with what Ener Hax has pointed out. It is far too easy to target and downplay the attributes of successful people. Look at Bill Gates. There is no discounting the amount of good that he does globally through his foundation. The first battle cry on that one is that it’s a tax write off. True to a point (it is not free money), but it is still sharing his wealth for the betterment of people.

    Without innovators like Gates and Rosedale, much of what we know web wise would not exist (please remember that Rosedale was with real Networks). Their contributions surpass their “flaws”. And frankly, the two are separate (although perhaps needed to push the envelope).

    Cheers Ener Hax and well said.

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