Solare Festival by Sunnygirl

Sunnygirl is a true master at Second Life promotion. Despite an ISP failure that forced SL to shut down for 6 hours, the amount of traffic that Sunny was able to generate is mind blowing.

SL came online about an hour after her scheduled start of a festival and SL was extremely buggy. She rescheduled for the next weekend, BUT . . . she still manged to get a traffic number of 10, 645 for that ill-fated afternoon!

Electric Sheep, Millions of Us, Aimee Weber Studios, or Linden Labs is missing out on a phenomenal Second Life hero who can accomplish so much with everyday resources.

I stand in awe of what Sunny is able to do and promote.  Brava my dear Sunny. I am honored to be a friend. :)

enercity_10x6, originally uploaded by

sunny rox ^-^


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