Time to get it in Gear

just been stabbing at the blog and it’s time to get more steady with it. can’t recommend Maki over at doshdosh.com enough

tremendous knowledge and real guidelines for putting what she says into action. i am impressed at what Twitter has turned out to be for our purposes. in fact it’s a little too much info. but that is coming from what I like to call the website paradigm

most peeps (and I mean like corporate sectors) like to control the information they have online with a very strict hand. that is understandable with an “old word” view. tantamount to when all information was via printed material. and for years, that model worked on the web. however, the advent of social networking and massive image and video sharing sites has shown that the web can be far more that a copy of printed material.

why not leave a blog wide open on a corporate site? people get it that there will be bashing. one example, this weekend Second Life went down due to ISP issues. it was not in their control at all (even mapquest croaked for us on the east coast). now SL has a blog to keep users informed on these events. however, they shut down comments on that post after only one made it in. what a great traffic tool that was for the one comment. she has a blog and ended up getting the sl comments *wish i had been on the ball*

that is one fine example of my thoughts on leaving the blog open and not treating your online presence as a print piece. sure, there were a lot of negative rants about the sl closure, but there was some well thought out counter comments to those. why not let those live on the sl blog? people get it now, that there will always be detractors and that is just a part of a social web.

allow the web users to get whatever content they want, don’t limit it to what you think they want. what might be trivial to you may be what they are looking for. i don’t mean put out your finances or confidential info, but puut out more than you think and let the user decide what they want or need.

that’s why we Flickr so much. we know that most images will never get looked at. but maybe someone was wondering how we made a hole through a sim terrain. that happened this morning, I was asked via IM how we did that to create the Enerville Fallout Shelter. and although not a difficult thing to do, why not put the proverbial “one pic is worth 1000 words” image up to share? i was able to quickly pass the url of the way we did it and received a thanks.

that’s what it’s all about to us . . . collaboration. whether isl or on the web, it’s one world filled with peeps that have similar dreams, aspirations and fears. while our presence isl will not save the world, maybe it helps a few peeps out with trivial matters and maybe those peeps will affect a greater change.


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