Enercity Development Plans

enercityBuildingsSteam_012on Flickr we have Phase I of our sim development plan. it’s a work in progress and we wanted to expound about Enercity to keep you informed.

Enercity will be comprised of nine sims placed together as one larger island. in the center is an OpenSpace that will act as a “central park”. even though our OpenSpaces lose money for us as a business, we are not about making lots of money. we want to do a little better than break even and also offer a valuable product.

many estate owners feed users so much bologna on their value and how they offer these extra things that no one else can beat. but we want our residents to think for themselves. and it really boils down to what you see as value.

to help you decide what is good is really just a matter of taking a look at what any estate owner has control over. we all have the same parameters to work under and for the resident, it comes down to some simple things.

first, who are you buying from and do you like the style in which they terraform sims and what they might add to them (like we do trees, ferns, butterflies, etc). and their covenant? that is really important to understand. some peeps are really strict and will reclaim your land at the drop of a pixel. and being clear on if your desires for your land fit in with that covenant is key to your happiness with land ownership.

second, the prices. some people just rent out parcels, others have a purchase price and a tier fee. we like the latter because it is about ownership to us. we want residents to feel a sense of ownership and permanence with their land. this builds a more stable community than having people just rent month to month (in our opinion).

third, property size and the way parcels are divided up. are they a size you like? do you mind having zero lot lines (no space between you and your neighbor). many sims deal with this by having building rules that state you can’t build within X metres or your property boundaries. and that is totally fine (it’s like rl building codes). we have used buffer zones in our first four sims, but it works either way.

fourth, prims. this is dependent on both your property size and any “prim bonus” the region (sim) has. typically peeps run out of prims before they run out of land. so look for the total number of objects (prims) that your property can contain.

so really, price related to land size and prims are what it boils down to. Enercity is striving to attract master builders and we do that with a 1.3 prim bonus and using buffer zones with a less restrictive covenant.

Enercity is about $4L per square meter (sm) to buy and then a tad under $2L/sm for tier fees. so with that info, you can make real comparisons to other estates with more than just promises.


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