iliveiSL office is back!

Yay! ^_^ after being lost in inventory for a few months, it is recovered and rezzed.

this was an early collaboration between ener hax and subquark hax and was based off of the rond shape made for the infamous Gallery Art Monkey. that same circular foundation forms the base of many of our builds. why? well it took a few weeks to figure out how to make this shape with no overlaps! that’s right, no overlapping or intersecting pieces. turns out you have to rotate a cube and shear it like crazy. the only downside is that the top and bottom faces take textures in weird ways, so you can’t apply any regular textures such as tile or wood planks.

on a side note: relief at finding this. it has several thousand linden’s in furniture including the really nicely made Corn chairs and one of two $1,500 1905 Victoria Arduino Venus espresso machine.

iliveiSL_office_015, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

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