Call for iliveiSL Estate Agents

We are formally looking for estate agents to act as independent agents for the iliveiSL estate. The group has been created (iliveiSL Estate Agents) and membership is a one time fee of $100L. 10% commission is paid on all valid land sales, even if you buy the land for yourself.

To qualify for your commission you must belong to this group and the land purchaser must IM (or notecard) your name as the agent to Ener Hax. Upon verification, you will be paid 10% of the land’s sale price.

We are also running a promotion to help you in marketing our realty. For land purchases made in the next month, we will pay one month’s tier fees to any new land owner in the iliveiSL estate. To qualify, the land owner must pay the first month’s tier. We might extend this for up to two months. If we do, then if the land owner pays two months (or more) in tier fees, we will pay an additional two months for them. This is yet to be decided (but looks pretty good to us).

We also offer a 5% discount if 4 or more month’s of tiers are paid at any one time.

We would like any independent agents to succeed and benefit from this. Let us know your thoughts . . . and thanks! :)


1 Response to “Call for iliveiSL Estate Agents”

  1. 1 Buzy Beever April 28, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    nice wording :) and should get some takers? make $1700L from one sale? kinda covers the $100 enrollment fee

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