Second Life land for $1 per square metre o_O

yep!  why? well we have a resident that is setting up a half sim in Enercity very soon and this has allowed us to accelerate our estate development a litte.

plus, the brains of this outfit (lol, not me for sure)  figured out a new tier pricing formula.  holy crud, it started out as this formula looking at lot size, prim bonus, the phase of the moon, how many servings of vegetables, . . . . well anyway, it was mongo huge and scary  :p

long story short, it allows iliveiSL to recoup the purchase price of a sim over a long period of time (like two years).  we are here for the long haul and are really focused on providing good competitive rates and a nice product.

so far with our prim bonus and all land bordering public land, we are creating an estate with above average value.  and we want the residents to have a good deal and be creative.  with the success and fair treatment of our residents, we achieve success (and it’s not just about the $$$ for sure).  thanks for the read  :)


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