woot times two (twoot?)

so thanks to the fabulous networking of you know who, 4 private sims were brought online, terraformed, landscaped and a 200 seat amphitheater created at the four corner point. thanks to Havoc 4, linking bigger builds is now possible. what a nice improvement! thank you linden labs. ^_^

that build allows us to be mellow with our land for sale for another month and is a nice stress buster

lol, should we post a pic of you know who (derr, subq’s alt?). nah, we won’t. =p but on a very interesting and flattering note. one of Second Life’s very first virtual real estate land baronesses did highly compliment the builds of yours truly.

first i must say that i was in genuine awe (yes i was) at hanging out with A (don’t want her to feel this was some exploited endorsement, but rather just how i feel). she had brought on a new openspace and did a wonderful job terraforming it and wanted someone from the Concierge Users Group (ooh, nose in the air baby!!!) to see if it matched her Pick description. it inspired us so much that two of us started modifying Enercity Park the next day.  \o/

anyway, her new sim is really nice and proof that someone that has been isl for 4 years does have more creative experience. BUT she actually said that our home and office architecture reminded her of Scope Cleaver‘s work. i nearly dropped my pixel jaw to the ground! (there is a certain irony to this as well) o_O

wow! thank you A, those are incredibly encouraging words! and you are so modest and approachable, thank you for being among the pioneers that have shaped sl to be such a beautiful place   =)     (and thanks on the flowers, they have a special place and meaning)


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