flamingo, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

yay, the Eville Atomic Lounge is being rebuilt.  it’s a bit bigger and bit heavier on the mid-century mod decor  :)
and i had the chance to visit with a good friend MM, whose last name certainly matches his creative ability.  what a great person, always felt bad in that past being busy with this and that and not stopping to chat longer.
apart from being a blender person, his abilities to build isl (and script) are truly inspiring  :)  he is working on a way cool robot, like the one from Lost in Space and it is fabulous!  these are the peeps that make sl such a great place, thank you MM for being patient with me and giving me the opportunity to chat with you.  it was an honour and privilege   ^_^
Klaatu barada nikto
onward to the Eville Atomic Lounge!  martinis anyone?  =D


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