latest Prim Perfect?

humm, where could it be?  well we don’t know much about courting biz relationships, we (iliveisl) may think we do, but it sure seems like you would cultivate the revenue channels eh?  seems that Prim Perfect’s last mag has been out for two weeks now, would have been nice to know this, especially since one resident felt their club was failing.  had they seen the mention in our ad maybe it would have helped encourage them, but that in itself is neither here nor there

but that is our fault as well, should have been keeping an eye on our Google analytics and would have seen the spike on the “hidden” page that is a redirect to monitor number of clicks from our Prim Perfect ad.  so far 17 . . . seems a bit on the low side for two full page premium ads especially if there are actually 10,000 subscribers?  so is it worth $35-$80 per month?  hard to say

our expectations?  well, 1) receive the magazine inworld would be nice, a big clue that it was released.  2) as an advertiser, they have our biz email address, so an automated email saying “issue blah blah is out” would act as a double check to lost inworld comms (certainly possible with sl).  3) an email in general soliciting the next ads with “hey, now that the issue is out, time to look at the next one, and as a valued advertsiser blah blah blah”

again, we don’t claim to know much and can only offer our opinion, we just read and are clever enough to use google analytics (after the first issue and we went “doh” for not doing that) to track stats.

relationships take a lot of time, communication, and patience from both sides.  and right now we are feeliong kinda taken for granted on this . . . (waah, waah, waah)  lol, feel a bit better now   :)

Addendum:  Prim Perfect contacted me in a very gracious manner, and I applaud them for this.  I would actually love them to comment here with anything they like.  The nature of the web and blogs allows for discussions that would normally never happen.  I love the publication, it is perhaps the finest one regarding sl.  It’s just hard for me not to wear my intense social network hat and I hope that my candid remarks were received well.  I would not have bothered at all to comment if the magazine was not worthy.  To make a huge analogy, look at the flack that Bill Gates and Microsoft receive.  If they were not such a vital part of the economy and so ubiquitous, no one would bother to criticize them.  Not too bad to be compared to an enterprise that is able to donate millions of dollars every single week to make the world a better place (the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

So thank you Prim Perfect for having a thick enough skin and professional approach as to take this all in stride.  :)


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