New Land Guide

New Land Guide, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

well when Ener Hax asked Subquark Hax for a possible hi-tech Land Buying Guide to replace the Flickr guide, well who ever would imagine a flip book type tutorial.  but you know what?  it works, it’s quick (a minute 45) and it’s kinda clever in a campy way

check it out


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  1. 1 SecondSolutions July 21, 2008 at 4:16 am

    Really nice video, it explains everything and couldn’t be easier. These kind of guides should be more common in general. They keep things focused in just getting it done. Besides, this one is specially funny, with the kid drawing kind of book :). I think people will find it really useful. Thanks Ener and Subquark.

    Greetings the SecondSolutions team.

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