new prices?

so what if prices went up?  well, that is never a good thing.  or is it?  it has been advised to us that our prices are too low.  while that is flattering (about saying we are worth more), it first seems a bit crazy.  we have our formula online and it is designed to make a modest amount of money after a year and a half to two years.  we are not in this to make big money, we really want people to collaborate and be creative and cover our cost.  truth be known, the “profit” margin actually would pay out about a dollar and hour to us.  not a very good wage when you break it down like that.

the very people that suggested raising our prices happen to be current residents and truly creative people. so why would they want to see prices go up?  well, perhaps they value the estate more than we do.  while we love the estate and always offer a prim bonus and have public space, we are also used to putting out more and doing the very best we can in anything we do (irl that is)

maybe what we see as “pretty good” is actually “very good”.  if that is the case, their argument to raise tier fees kinda makes sense.  the feeling is that it will attract a more creative clientele that actually appreciates the convenant.  not that the covenant is much different than any other out there.  many estates limit building heights and do not allow ban lines.  that is not new at all

and we are talking about very modest increases, like $7900L for 4,096 square metres per month to $8500.  when you shop around, it is still a very good and competitive rate.  so like anything else, we throw this idea out there as part of our “transparency” in our business practices

have a thought? post it here, thanks!  :D


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