Enercay WestKey

Are you looking for South Pacific tropical beaches for your home?

Each region has only three residential lots to give you space and quality living.

8,000 square meters with 1,006 prims for $8200L per month.  Buy for $300L, pay your first month’s tier and get the secong month free!

Straylight palms and dune grass add to its value. 

And we won’t sell the sim out from under you. We have long term plans published online at http://iliveisl.com and are a group of folks with master’s degrees.  So what?  Well, we understand delayed gratification and that great things take years to create.  Education, like business, is a large part persistence.  Hanging in there knowing that you will succeed. 

You sure can’t succeed by quitting.

An estate in Second Life is no different.  It is not a fly-by-night get rich quick scheme.  You probably have friends whose sims have been sold or just plain disappear.  That is due to no planning or commitment. A lot of people think that Second Life is a magical money maker until they get in it and see that it takes work!  Whether that is in running virtual real estate or opening a club or mall. 

Real work for real results.

This opportunity is no different than any other “real” business.  It takes initial money and a sound business plan with targets and milestones and plans for when those milestones are hit or missed.

It is completely unacceptable to rush in, buy sims, take people’s money and when you don’t make money in six month’s – bail out.  We can’t treat you like that, we can’t be like that to ourselves.

All that to say: we are excited about or offering of wonderful tropical living and hope you enjoy Second Life as much as we do.  :)


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