Enercay Billboard

we make a big billboard to advertise the new tropical sim!  woot! (then mad chaos insued as we played with the NOOB – a full size model of a newbie.  lol, they were getting dropped, scripted, and run over by a huge rolling PacMan, but that’s another story . . .)

we already have one resident that loves it and he is totally tropical, he did a great job with his new home!  it truly fits into the landscape very well.

but there is still more for us to do, we aren’t content to leave it as it is.  there will be a rope and board bridge and, if we can find one, a sunken plane and boat to explore.  would love some particle bamboo too.  if you know of any, drop us a note, thanks

and remember what iliveisl Sheriff DreamWalker says:
“tan lines, not ban lines!”   =D


Originally uploaded by iliveiSL


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