Our residents are the best :)

Looking for quality living?  None of that take a sim, split it into 16 and call it good.  Yuch.  Lol, we spent major $$$ on just palm trees for our latest build.

We always have “buffer” zones between lots, have a prim bonus, landscape with Straylight trees, and never allow ban lines.  We also have lots of public spaces for picnicking, holding meetings, having parties, and just hanging out.

This adds value for you, us, and Second Life. We are also contributors to Second Life as Mentors and create content for free for special interest groups.  We are not here to get rich quick (we feel so badly for sims that are getting sold out from under their residents by people who thought this was an easy way to make a buck).  It takes a lot of work and vision to make a lasting and growing estate.

And it’s working.  We have so many incredibly creative residents.  Thank you for calling iliveisl home, it means a lot to us that you trust us to be here for you.

One of our residents even made their first machinima here yesterday!

If you are ready to step up and be an active member of Second Life, check us out inworld by searching for Enercity Park or online at iliveisl and take a look at our Flickr pics.  We just did a set on our residents and it says more than we can ever say here.

Thanks and always have fun isl!


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