Enerville’s Second Resident

Enerville’s Second Resident, Originally uploaded by iliveisl

it was kinda sad, our second ever resident of the estate has left sl. she gave it a good run and was with us for 6 months.  but sl is about change, and her lot has already been purchased by someone else

her architecture still remains among our favourite and thus we documented her very cool build (and entirely in line with what we always envisioned for Enerville)

we wish you the very best in all your endeavors! =D


2 Responses to “Enerville’s Second Resident”

  1. 1 postaldot November 2, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    was there a reason for this? It seems like all the media continues to say that this is up and coming (SL). Was she trying to make money or just looking for a social outlet?

  2. 2 subquark November 3, 2008 at 11:22 am

    This particular resident is one of the leads for the Dallas County Community College Second Life island. She came to this estate before they had their sim up and used her lot as a “lab” for her students.

    As a result, two of those students now have shops on our city sims. So that worked out well. Second Life sees a lot of changes. I would estimate that 75% of our residents stay at least 4 months. That number is increasing as time goes by with the more transient residents only staying a month.

    Currently, we are at slightly over 90% occupancy. Unfortunately, if the price increases that Linden Labs announced go into effect, some of our OpenSpace business will be lost. 50% of those residents have said they will stay despite the increase. That’s nice to know, we focus so much on creating a nice environment and serving our residents.

    I encourage everyone out there to speak up on forums and blogs on the potential price increase. Linden Labs has already stated they will reconsider. The press on this has gone international and last night I was reading a Swiss article (French) discussing the increase.

    With 30,000 accounts being created last week in OpenLifeGrid.com, Linden has really noticed! That grid is in Beta but seems promising. We have already gone in and uploaded terrain files (it took like 10 minutes to complete duplicate or 17 sim estate). There is very little content but with Anshe already in there, it’s a no brainer to get in as well.

    Sims run $59 per month, allow 45,000 prims and prim size is up to 100 metres. They are running on more efficient code, but there are lots of rolling restarts. Much like SL from a few years ago.

    However, Second Life’s huge advantage is in all it’s user created content. It would take two years for OpenLifeGrid to come close, if they grow responsibly, and that is a big “if”.

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