OpenSpace prices are slated to increase, you may make a difference

our estate is comprised of many OpenSpace sims used in a responsible manner, only 3 lots on each and only for residential use.  they are beautiful places that you call home.  you know that we think it is expensive to own land isl, and if you read any of the blog, you know we don’t exactly make lots of money.  in fact, we have not made any money yet, but are here for the long run.

Linden Labs announced last night that the fees for these sims were going up.  and by a lot (67%)

that would mean new prices of like $12,500 per month! that is a lot and we should not be punished for responsible use of our homes.  if it was clubs and all that, okay, but there are never more than 5 or 6 people on any of our residential sims

maybe you can make a difference, i hope so

go to: and log in and vote please, it can make a diff

and go post here as well (have to be logged in):

when residents spoke up a few years ago on even bigger changes than this, Linden Labs listened.  So please speak up.  thanks


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