new land prices

yay, well partly yay . . . Linden announced a “softer” approach to the openspace land dealio. instead of raising prices 67% in january, they are going up 25%. but in july, they go up the full 67%

this only affects sims with three homes. so enerville and enercity are staying the same

so that is not as bad right away. in january, iliveisl openspace sim land will go up to $9500. we are keeping our increase below 25% and just want to help people make the transition without losing their homes. so instead of jumping up to $10,000+ L per month, we can do the $9500.

but in july (still 7 months away), they will go up to $12,500L (yikes!) :(

that sure seems like a lot for the land and prims, so we will be working in some alternatives for you to consider. now the three lots to a sim is still really nice, but definately more expensive than now

so maybe doing a full sim into 8 lots (most peeps do 16, but we never do more that 14, unless it’s those cute boutique lots for business start-ups)

so with 8 lots, it would cost a bit less than the $12,500 (maybe like $11,000) BUT instead of 1006 prims, you’d have like 1,600+ prims. it’s still early and we will also be looking at options that are close to $8,000 and 1,000 prims too.

you know that we want people to have a place to call home and be creative, so we always use that as our motivator isl. thanks for speaking up, it helped Linden give us all more time.

have fun! =D


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