staying busy?

well winter is coming upon us and it’s a time when residents tend to really get creative. enercity is opening up a new sim on the east side and it will include some more boutique spots. they seem pretty popular and allow you to start a business isl without a lot of money.

it seems to be best to start out small and keep your expenses low. you can always get more land, but ya can’t get your money back if you over extend. running a shop or a club isl can be fun and a great creative outlet. to run a business isl takes another step up from that. and it’s not about how much land you have but about your value.

everyday more people make real money isl. just look at the economics page at last month 588 peeps made over $1,000 USD.  not too bad.  their secret?  well something good to have, like great hair or clothes, or a really busy club. BUT . . . here is another key ingredient – persistence.  they all have hung in there.  some times it seems like your business is not moving and the people that ride those times out often make it.  it’s just like rl business, it takes time, a good plan, the ability to make changes in your plan, and vision

don’t expect to make money in your first month of a clothes shop.  it takes many (many!) months of networking and also maybe doing work outside of sl.  like making an online brand for yourself.  your own blog, twitter, posting on forums, and more

but . . . if you are passionate, have something of value, and are persistent – you have a great chance of being successfull isl.  good luck and always have fun  =)


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