OpenSpace option looks like a way better option!

okay, so it’s still in the works but we can take a full sim and make 9 pieces that are like 5,184 sm with 1400 prims for $10,500! that sure beats $12,500 for 1006 prims. and that still leaves a buffer zone with your neighbours of 12 metres on all sides. that’s pretty good (nothing will ever be as nice as just three lots on an entire sim though)

so now, we do 1006 prims for $8,500 and in January they go up to $9,500 (then in July to $12,500). so the way we see it is that for 10% more than the Jan cost will be, you get about 40% more prims.

speak up on this and we will have a demo sim open for you to check out very soon (you can see it now at Ener Caldera but it’s under water, just turn on View > Property Lines and hold your breath)


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