iliveisl OpenSpace Sim Update

okay, so many of you know about the openspace fiasco at Linden labs. despite what our opinion is, Linden is raising the price of OpenSpace sims. there are 13 of them on the iliveisl estate and they were wonderful for three homes or less. no one on the estate abused the use of these sims, but things change. no need to dwell on that (we were deeply hurt and felt betrayed – can you believe that we still have not received formal notification of this? and you guys know how much we pay Linden)

lol, so much for not getting off on a tangent  :p

Starting January 1st, all openspace sim lots will be $9,500L per month for 1,006 prim properties

Some openspace sims will disappear and be used for conversion to full sims (see previous post)

Starting June 15th, all openspace sim lots will be $12,500L per month for 1,006 prim properties

This means that in June, the cost per prim will be 67% higher than on “full sims”.  Full sims are NOT affected by this. Enerville and Enercity sims will stay the same as they are now (unless some price increase comes from Linden).

you already know that we have very fair prices (lol, read, we don’t break even yet) and we hope you stay with us.  we genuinely want people to have nice places to call home or use for business, so keep up here to see what we come up with (like the previous post)

thanks and remember, we can all make sl what we want it to be.  for some they like the creative side, others the social, and some even love the drama, and it’s all good.  have fun  =D


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