lots of action at linden labs

we don’t often get into talking about the SL blog, except for the openspace pricing thing. and we did that because it affects 36 of our residents. but it’s not a bad thing to review the sl blog, in fact it’s pretty exciting what is going on

it’s easy to get caught up in little stuff, like i lost my left shoe and it’s not in my inventory, or how come i can’t tp right this minute. but sl is really advanced. after all it’s a sharable 3D application and has to balance “what can be” with reality.

it has to run on pretty “normal” pcs (and macs) if it’s going to be able to even exist but it has to throttle way back on how detailed the graphics are. both me and subQ know Blender 3D (i once made an animated short story with it, and OMG, it took like 5 months to finish 60 seconds – and like a week of rendering it out on two pcs)

so trust me, sl graphics could be way more detailed, but then very few peeps could use it.

anyway, back to the sl blog – so they hired the big spaceship to increase initial retention, why does that matter? well the more people that can explore sl and realize it’s a great tool (remember, it really is software) the longer sl will be around and the better the stuff in sl will become. there will be more talented people that will “get it” if they can just make it through orientation island and have a clear understanding of what sl is

mentors constantly get questions like “what is there to do here?”, “what do you do here?” (and also sordid and naughty questions to which i always think “omg, you just rezzed here like 3 minutes ago and you just want to know about ___?”)

so be an ambassador to sl and help noobs out. sure lots of them are major pias, but everyone was a n00b at some point and some of those n00bs turned out to be pretty cool 9lol Allison? are ya reading this?) =D

btw, the latest post on sl

oh want to read me rant?  lol, it sounds like we are Linden Labs, but we’re not, just tahnkful for the easy opportunity to have a virtual biz, anyway, see what happens when some of us get too much caffeine!  read the rant

lol, the rant and pseudo love fest continues here

holy crap, ener goes apeshit here!


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  1. 1 Allison the WiseAss December 11, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    I play well with n00bs.

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