holy crud! a Linden!

wowee!!!  it does not take much for us to spaz . . . but . . . a comment from Catherine Linden!  weeeee!

well there is serious proof that Linden Labs is working on making a better member experiences.  many peeps reading blogs have no idea how much work it takes to keep up and post and try to stay current.

and to actively seek out little bloggers like us?  well either someone had a lot of free time (having been to linden labs, that for sure is not true) or they do care.  and we know they care, whether a support ticket, the sl forum, Live Chat, a phone call to support and now this?

linden labs does care and it is an awesome opportunity to create, collaborate, and express yourself

thanks Catherine, and Linden Labs, you guys are wonderful  =)


1 Response to “holy crud! a Linden!”

  1. 1 subquark December 11, 2008 at 4:17 am

    Spaz indeed, although I must admit to be fairly stoked as well.

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