nice sl blog post

pretty cool to see how other peeps are using sl, the latest post shows some inworld video interviews and is insightful.  now if suquark would get off his tail (ya, i know, he’s waiting for some answer back from LL licensing, he is a stickler for that stuff, even though that other Hax’s vids on the sl wiki don’t seem to follow the LL guidelines, just my 2 cents)

go for it subQ, ya don’t need all the starts to be lined up!  do it!  =p  go post on his blog and say “do it!”


1 Response to “nice sl blog post”

  1. 1 subquark December 11, 2008 at 4:16 am

    Oh very funny! :p But it is serious, copyright stuff and something I do honour. Linden Labs will answer in due time and that gave me the chance to get a nice Flash template set (which incidentally has lovely Creative Commons icons and link at the end – thank you very much).

    So what’s the dealio, you are chatting isl to me and blogging too? Let’s fire up Twitter too!

    *Subquark Hax fumbles in inventory looking for the inworld Twitter tool* ^^

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