Linden Labs continues to push forward

eager anticipation for the new sl web page by big spaceship! the initial user experience is super critical, in fact, a person makes up their mind about a website in a few milliseconds.  of course, sl is diff than a normal site cuz most peeps are specifically going there to try sl

but those first few milliseconds do affect the impression a new person forms of sl. why does it matter?  and why are they doing this and not working on the viewer? 

it matters for the overall success of SL and it’s naive to take a simple approach and think that the viewer is not being worked on.  as a biz, Linden Labs works on many, many fronts.  from the viewer to the way peeps communicate on the sl site to pricing to this, and way more

and in this economic time it would be easy for them to say “stop” we can’t spend right now, but the successful companies continue to move forward and that says a lot about Linden’s vison and passion.  and you can’t beat passion

so hats off to LL and they are working on ensuring they stay number one in virtual worlds  =D


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