Estate changes in January

it seems that i keep falling short on explaining the changes (see past posts) so here is goes . . .

1) Linden Labs openspace sim prices are going up by 70% (no extra prims, new scripting limits, and a 20 avatar limit)

2) Linden Labs is allowing us to convert openspace sims into full sims (like Enerville and Enercity sims) for free until January 5th (4 os sims make a full sim)

3) converted sims get wiped clean or disappear (four sims turn into one, meaning that three sims go away).  all items on those sims are auto-returned by Linden to your inventory as a coalesced object (unless you take them back first)

4) the conversion process takes up to 10+ business days and we have no way of knowing what day it will be

5) we will place conversion orders between Jan 2nd and 4th

6) it takes us a full day or two to prepare the new sim

what does that mean for you on some of the OS sims? we have spoken to everyone and many of you are open to the options

your sim is intact until sometime after January 5th (best guess is January 14th – 18th)

we are moving ahead with sim growth, in fact we added two new Enercity sims last month.  we will probably always have some OS sims because they are wonderful, it’s just that they will cost more and we must offer a great value to you

we set aside a sim as a model so that you can see what turns out to be a better value than we had thought possible

here is how we define value: price per prim followed by parcel layout (never have two parcels touching and always public space between lots).  take the monthly tier price and divide by the prims to get the price per prim.  you really buy prims and not square metres

we have the model slurl here and some pictures here (this sim is only up through the first week of January)

here is why it’s a good value compared to the new OS sim prices:  the lots are 4,096 sm to keep a wide public buffer between lots (use View > Property Lines to see that) and have 1,451 prims!  compare that to the 1,006 prims on current OS sims.  the tier is $10,500 (compare to $12,500 for OS) and if you pay 4 months you get 10% off so it’s $9,450 L per month

$6.51 per prim vs. $12.43 per prim (that’s a HUGE diff in value!!!)

here are the details:

Ener Caldera and Enercay Eastkey have already been converted into a city sim

Enercity Park was converted into a true OS sim (750 prims, 10 avatars)

Ener Westar, Ener Skerry, Enercraig Vesper, and Enercraig will be converted into a new full residential sim that will be where Ener Skerry is now (it will look almost identical to the sample sim in the slurl above)

Ener Hesperus, Ener Sound, and Enercay Midkey will be converted into a tropical sim in Midkey’s location (thank you brandi for your support!)  =)

if you live on any of those sims and stay, you will get a free month added to your tier.  if your tier comes due in January, or later, it will be at the new rate of $10.500 per month. we are softies and that loses money for us, but we would rather lose some money than lose you

the estate is actually growing with all of this (lol, trust us – our tier to LL is growing!)  :p

it’s up to all of us to decide what sl is individually to us.  we can look at this as an opportunity or as a big fat suckie thing.  we like to smile and look at this positively  =)

most affected tier boxes are locked and don’t worry about that for now, we want you to see the new layout before you pay.  if you are staying for sure, talk to us; 4 parcels are already reserved out of the nine coming and we will add another full one as needed

as always, have fun isl, even if you don’t stay with us, we wish you the very best in all your endeavors  :)


1 Response to “Estate changes in January”

  1. 1 subquark December 19, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Well first off, ^_^ on your tags on this post! And while I am heavily biased towards your efforts (silent partner disclosure), you have done a wonderful job explaining this and coming up with a very positive option for residential alternatives to OpenSpace sims.

    I think that the new 9 parcel residential option will be well received, especially if residents take advantage of the free money (the four month discount).

    You have done a tremendous amount of work in creating the new model and it seems very sound as far as lot sizes, prim bonus, and sense of space go. I think that the way you have it laid out would also work for multiple residential sims grouped as neighborhoods and also for tropical islands.

    As you have stated on several other posts, nothing will give the sense of space that a Homestead sim has, but to get “extra” prims? Wow, job very well done indeed.

    You are a true Second Life Guru in my eyes and I thank you for building and managing this estate so well. :)

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