Looking back to look ahead

phew, what a year!

M Linden wrote nicely about the past year and new goals and now we will too  :)

enerville was the first sim on the estate and sat empty for a long time.  often we wondered if we would ever see anyone *crickets and tumbleweeds*  now we have so many fantastic residents that have built so many wonderful things o_O (411 pics)

and there have been some trying times as well.  the openspace dealio really rocked us and you badly.  but . . . (and it’s a big but – derrr) . . .  out of that will come greater stability and value.  it forced us to take a hard look at our options, and decisions were based on what would help the estate thrive and grow (meaning how can we keep peeps happy or even make them happier).  before the openspaces ever even existed in Second Life, we had published our estate plans.  and now we are back on track with those original plans.

and yes, it does mean losing many of our pretty sims (not to mention both your work and ours in shaping them) but that is old history now.  it’s up to us as individuals to decide how to frame it all. *blue pill or red pill*

sure, we could be bitter:

  • “ahh, all that time terraforming gone”,
  • “bah, this sux donkey b@!!s”,
  • “holy cr@p, we are losing how much $$$ this month!!!”

but why not be:

  • “hey, it was great for a while”,
  • “it’ll be fun to rebuild and better too”,
  • “maybe i should try megaprims out, at least that will shut Ener up”.

so with all of that, 2009 will be even better and more fun and just plain kick @$$, but that’s up to you and me

on that note, the snowman competition was most excellent!

Happy New Year from us and SL!  =D


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