Openspace conversion order placed

the order for converting Ener Westar, Ener Skerry, Enercraig Vesper, Enercraig, Ener Hesperus, Ener Sound, and Enercay Midkey has been placed

everyone currently on those sims was given a notecard tonite.  Linden Lab is unable to provide an exact date and say they will do it within 10 business days (latest blog post).  If you leave your things on any of those sims they will be returned (in theory) to your lost and found folder, typically as coalesced objects.

Linden Labs is able to convert the sims today and many of you have not had time to move your items. I have asked for a delay till Sunday nite and await their response.

thank you for all of your support, it is humbling how sweet you have been in all of this turmoil.  it’s also exciting to set up the new sims as soon as they get here and the estate is actually growing by a quarter of a full sim (7 are getting converted into 2 full sims which is the same as 8 openspace, lol, but we still pay an additional $250 USD to make up for the “missing” sim)  edit to the edit: Monday Jan 5th is the date

the notecard goes over this same info plus has some specific info for those affected.

you are the reason sl is so wonderful and pics of all the sims are online at our flickr site, truly incredible builds and we know that even more fantastic ones will come soon  :)

and on another note, here is a comment that made our day, it’s awesome to have such great friendships and feedback:

Just wanted to say.. thanks for all your work on the iliveisl website, blogs, and Flick pics.
I do love keeping up with SL and your sims, and you make it easy… and beautiful.

Thanks DW  =D


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