thank you for the support

wow, as you may know, we have been stressing so badly over this conversion stuff but . . . it’s wonderful how supportive everyone has been.  yesterday was a bumming day as we went to the 7 sims getting wiped on Monday and it was really sad removing all the trees, butterflies, waterfalls, ferns and even rocks.  our first open space one was the hardest, i remember getting it and the on it’s first night making a really tall mountain with a ledge to watch the moonrise.  magical

but out of all of these, like the phoenix, we will all rise and create even nicer places to call home.  that sentiment is so nicely stated by a wonderful resident this morning:

Morning Ener all is clear from my place…exciting time coming :-) Hugs, Claire

wow! makes it all worthwhile  :)  thank you Claire

some more quotes that touched us:

you’ve made us a beautiful place here and i know we all love it. BR

Thank you for the note card Ener and your timeless energy and efforts you do in making SL a positive possible experience for us all. I feel very blessed to be a part of your sims. Chow, CL

Thank you for beautiful landscape! I’ll remember the life here forever though it will physically disappear from SL world. MN

so that only proves that you, not us, are what make this fantastic.  people like you that take the time to drop us a note are what make sl so magical and fun. you are the ones that make up the community, all we do is plant a few trees  :)


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