w00f, conversions done . . .

wow! the conversions went well, and it was bittersweet hanging out on one of those sims until the conversion forced a log off.

BUT! the new sims look pretty nice and the pacific northwest one filled up fast! within 36 hours of being online, 8 of the 9 spots were taken! now we still have loads of tree and bush planting to do . . .

the tropical sim is also very nice with a volcano in the middle as a parcel. palm tree planting is also underway as well and will really set it apart (be like 400+ trees on it) o_O

so anyway, thank you all for being so patient and helpful and creative. the next project is for a group of really dedicated residents who are pulling together a sim so they can be neighbors, that one should be coming very soon

thank you all, you make sl lots of fun :)


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