Coalesced Objects & Two New Sims

Coalesced Objects, originally uploaded by iliveisl

so the sim conversions went very well, sat on one of the sims till SL booted me off. kinda sad, but also the start of a new chapter, when all was said and done, the estate actually grew by 3/4 of a sim (since 4 OS = 1 full)

seems like peeps like it a lot, certainly a lot of prims, but it also means we can plant more trees too

both converted sims have loads of trees (lol, the tropic one might have like 400 when we are done!) o_O

[15:46] pam N: i love the new location
[15:46] pam N: very nice area
[15:46] pam N: u do great work

thank you pam, and everyone else with for your kind words, it’s you that bring the sims to life and transform them into fantastic and beautiful homes. thank you for being here =)

ps – the pic is what is called a coalesced object in your inventory.  it will happen if you select several itesm and take them at one tiime, in which case the object will be called whatever the last (also called the root) prim that was selected was named.  it also happens if several things get returned at one time, like when the sims were taken offline for the conversion


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