Euclidean math wrong! 3750 = 750!

Only about 300 or 2% of the original Openspaces remained Openspaces, conforming to the limits that the Openspace product was originally intended to support.

if you read this blog at all, then you know we are HUGE supporters of Linden Lab. and routinely defend Linden Lab many times a week on dozens of blogs, but this statement is insulting

someone from Linden please explain how 3750 prims is the same as 750 prims???  the ONLY way this has any honesty as a statement is if your intention was misrepresented. i wish someone at Linden would stand up and say “we messed up and this won’t work as we thought”

that stance can be respected, please stop using corporate spin and stand up and say “oops”, you are the pioneers in virtual worlds that work so well, so it’s not such a horrible thing to make a mistake, but it is horrible to pass it off so lightly and blame residents (although some peeps had 4 clubs on them and certainly that would leave a poor impression to a corporate scout looking into sl)

omg, obviously people interpreted your intentions that 3750 prims did NOT mean 750 prims! that is clear since only 2% remain. either your user base are complete idiots and can’t understand anything (at least 98% of them) or your original intention was never explained! having converted 9 of our 13 OS means we are part of this group

i did not realize that 3750 = 750 (and i have a frigging math minor!!!)

the buck stops where???  *disenfranchised*  :(


2 Responses to “Euclidean math wrong! 3750 = 750!”

  1. 1 Ciaran Laval January 16, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I’m far from being a Linden Lab cheerleader, although beneath my whining is a huge desire for Linden Lab to be a massive success.

    I agree with you strongly on the corporate speak front and the point about Linden Lab just standing up and saying “We messed up”. Indeed if that had been their starting position and they’d said they needed to impose limits and if things didn’t improve, a price increase, the community would have worked hard with them to find a solution.

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