hooray for Philip Linden!

wow, maybe we are kinda psycho – from being so discouraged with the openspace disater (yes, it was a disaster to us and many of our residents – after all, something like 14,700 OpenSpaces are gone now!)

anyway, from being all “bah” to all “yay”  \o/

maybe it’s cuz Philip is back in action (i’m sure he was busy behind the scenes).  it’s nice to see something that he did that affects us and that is the slurl map.  it used to be a big part of our website until it pooped out like 6 months ago.  even had Guy Linden meet with me inworld to look at it (that was pretty awesome support, submit a ticket and then get with a real Linden for support inworld – impressive)

as the chairman of the board, Philip is the highest ranking officer of the company (yah, and the passion behind it all) and it just felt really good to see his hand back in it again, really boosts our confidence in sl.  thanks Philip!  =)

*waves to philip*


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  1. 1 secondlifepets January 23, 2009 at 5:40 am

    yeh this is very cool eh!

    definately a “bah” to “yay” moment, judging from the responses on the linden blog.

    it would take some real imagination to even think of a way to whine or complain about this change. ;)

    can’t wait to test it out…. just downloading the new version of SL right now.

    \O/ yay!

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