manga makeover

mangaMakeover, originally uploaded by iliveisl

the old avatar used for blogging was pretty depressing, all gray and melancholy.

so after some time in the bookstore and messing in photoshop, here is a pseudo-manga avatar.

part of that branding practice. manic panic pink or what! well when it’s actually on blogging sites it is really tiny like this:

wootwhy does this matter? just so that the iliveisl estate can keep attracting people looking for value-based land. not because they think the av is nice, but so they recognize it easily. with 20 comments a week and social media stuff, this avatar gets around.  kinda like Torley’s watermelon eyeball avatar, you instantly recognize it

if you run a business inworld, you should read Maki’s blog DoshDosh.  with a few hours a week you can drive more traffic to your business, but it takes a while to see results

speaking of business, if you ever wanted to try it out, then you might like the boutique spots in Enercity.  the first 8 went pretty fast so now we added another 4.  they are small lots with 371 prims but only run $2900L a month (about $11 USD). so what’s the value? great community, land always borders public spaces on all sides (so for these there are sidewalks and roads between you and your neighbors).  remember, if you are comparing to weekly rates there are 4.3 weeks a month, so $2900L becomes $669 per week.


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