A is for Allison

A_Is_For_Allison_018 , originally uploaded by iliveisl, see the entire set here

this is a mini case study on outstanding “best practices” for creating a Second Life shop

this is an example of a very creative person that truly has mastered second life. there are many clothes makers isl, and some even make a real living from them. A is for Allison is an example that should be a case study for anyone wanting to start a business inworld.

her building style allows her to use what many would consider a very small piece of land isl. it allows for 371 prims. by sl standards, that is a boutique space.

but she is able to maximize her shop with three main factors worth learning. megaprims, scripting, and branding

by using a megaprim as her anchoring shape (a megatorus) she has something unique that is only one prim. this allows her to them reuse this shape as her visual landmark (the pink floating ones). she further “brands” with it by using the same shape as a smaller prim for her display stands. that is shear genious!

how many stores irl have you ever been in that are so effective in using there iconic identity this effectively? i suspect that she has rl experience in design

and scripting allows her to enrich her offerings by using hobver text to further her message

those top three things alone are worth gold in second life marketing. they may seem subtle, but that is because she pulls that off so very well

she is also rich in her product images. take a good look and compare all her t-shirt images. she uses different models that further the message of that item, as well as gestures

finally, her shirts are incredibly clever probably a bit more, in some cases, than the average avatar will get

i’m sure i left out some aspects, but her store would make an awesome white paper on how the details allow you to create strong branding and a positive customer experience

name of store – A is for Allison
description – Scarily eclectic shopping under the big, pink pearl. T-shirts like you’ll find nowhere else in SL. Beautiful Zen Sand Garden. And now featuring Giggling Goat Cheese. Mmmmmmmm!
location – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enercity%20Harbor/121/80/31

clever use of props and models


easy to find from anywhere in the sim


hover text used to add more to the experience
(nice jab at Laughing Cow cheese & a place for people to sit and chat is excellent sl design)



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  1. 1 Allison March 8, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    I think you understate the obtuse nature of my sense of humor, but otherwise this is a much appreciated, and greatly humbling article :)

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