a very crisp store with great possibilities

tipi_001, originally uploaded by iliveisl

we never have time (it seems) to explore, even our own estate. while hunting down some whacky code making some animal rez and run really fast and disappear, we took a look at what was on an Enercity sim and found this shop

firstly, it’s a great build using megaprims that are precisely placed. secondly, the logo is absolutely fabulous! having worked at a Fortune 1000 creative agency in the past, i can say “it’s a good logo? it really is (just don’t get hung up on anything to do with a teepee, look beyond that for the simplicity and aesthetic balance)

it’s too bad that tipi.com is already taken, this “brand” could be made into a powerful icon within second life. wonder if the blog name is taken?

*hint – tp, if you pushed this out via the web with blogging, forums, xlstreet, etc. you could be one of those people that make decent money from second life. the brand imagery from your store name really is quite powerful*


1 Response to “a very crisp store with great possibilities”

  1. 1 Allison March 8, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Hear hear. This is one of my FAVORITE stores in SL. NOT just because he has exquisite design sense. NOT just because the guy can talk guitars. And NOT just because I love to swim in his fish tank! I can truthfully say I have purchased much of my menswear here. LOL

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