sl blog trackback test

so they added trackbacks to be visible on the sl blog so we decided to test it with this post.  we had posted a few weeks back on M’s blog about customer service frustrations.  Linden Lab customer support is awesome and fast, but service is not (M even said that the support ticket was the normal channel, but there are no categories for service and requests in the ticket system).   although we followed his suggestion and submitted a ticket tonite since nothing has ensued since

well, all this to say, we are no further along with responses despite the ensuing brouhaha (most excellent word eh?).  in fairness, one request was for information they may not have, or at least my final contact does not have

lol, i guess apathy has finally settled in, or falling through the cracks has beat me down.  i frankly don’t care so much and my evangelism has lost it’s twinkle (but still there and easily rekindled to a blazing fury – i am pretty easy)  :p

so have fun in Second Life and i love it as ever and believe it will be here as the industry standard for a long time

oh, on another note, it’s pretty cool to be able to pull up profiles online:

lol, look at how cute in IMVU!

IMVU Ener!  =)

IMVU! =)


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