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Enerville’s Second Resident

Enerville’s Second Resident, Originally uploaded by iliveisl

it was kinda sad, our second ever resident of the estate has left sl. she gave it a good run and was with us for 6 months.  but sl is about change, and her lot has already been purchased by someone else

her architecture still remains among our favourite and thus we documented her very cool build (and entirely in line with what we always envisioned for Enerville)

we wish you the very best in all your endeavors! =D


Eville Atomic Lounge, reborn! Free Martinis For All!!!!

EvilleAtomicLounge_001, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

holy cow! after poofing 580 objects and a month of work, ener and subquark put it all together again
and it’s bigger and better. there is now a group for the Eville Atomic Loinge that allows for people to host their own parties. just ask for an invite and you are able to set media options and rez your party stuff. this way we hope to avoid scheduling conflicts. once the party is done, we drop you from the group and all you have to do is ask again
dang, forgot to add our Super Officer DreamWalker. she has graciously offered her talents to add people to this group in case none of us are online. thank you Dreamwalker! ^_^

Is it a penal institution?

nah, it’s just ultra-mod and Googie architecture. once Second Life releases dynamic reflections, the cold and harsh nature of this house will warm up as the windows reflect the sky and trees. it will then blend into the environment.

the cantilevered architecture is a bit influenced by Wright’s Fallingwater.

cantiHouse_018, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

Second Life land for $1 per square metre o_O

yep!  why? well we have a resident that is setting up a half sim in Enercity very soon and this has allowed us to accelerate our estate development a litte.

plus, the brains of this outfit (lol, not me for sure)  figured out a new tier pricing formula.  holy crud, it started out as this formula looking at lot size, prim bonus, the phase of the moon, how many servings of vegetables, . . . . well anyway, it was mongo huge and scary  :p

long story short, it allows iliveiSL to recoup the purchase price of a sim over a long period of time (like two years).  we are here for the long haul and are really focused on providing good competitive rates and a nice product.

so far with our prim bonus and all land bordering public land, we are creating an estate with above average value.  and we want the residents to have a good deal and be creative.  with the success and fair treatment of our residents, we achieve success (and it’s not just about the $$$ for sure).  thanks for the read  :)

Prim Perfect: Issue 9: May 2008

Yay! the new issue is out! we are thrilled since our ads are in there, but it’s alos a really great sl magazine with really nicely written articles and well laid out graphics. probably, in out opinion, the nicest sl mag out!

and congrats Prim Perfect on your first year. may you have many more

Prim Perfect: Issue 9: May 2008, originally uploaded by primperfect.

get the pdf directly from here

Ener Strait Day 2

Added beaucoup trees, rocks, and butterflies :)

enerStraitDay2_009, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.


Ener Strait

Yay!  online and about 2 hours into it, nice to have Enerville and Enercity now joined.  :)

ener_004, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.