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Setting Up Yourself for Branding

well, that may be an ambitious title, but here are a few of the places that you may consider setting up accounts for online branding.  by no means is this complete or an endorsement of these sites.  inspiration is drawn from Maki at DoshDosh and she is the expert for sure.

so just a collection of links and brief rationale . . .

Yahoo email – always available, even if you have your own domain, it’since to have something that is practically always up.  then maybe use it as your login for the following accounts.  also will be your Flickr login.  try for a name that you can use as your screen name in the following accounts

Google email – same reason as above.  plus they have a nice online calendar and groups you may want t use. and analytics, the google analytics are a must

WordPress – well there are many, just happens to be the one we use and it is really easy to use and supports lots of third-party stuff (like flickr).  this will also allow you to use openID for blogging

Twitter – yep, it really does work and if you have a domain, you can put it on there and help keep your content fresh

Flickr – if you have a Yahho ID, it’s easy and fast.  don’t think you need to post pics? if you want to brand, you may be suprised at what might work as pics for you.

Gravatar – globally recognized avatars will make sure that your little branded avatar pic is displayed on responses

PayPal – well might as well do it.  it’s used by many sites and is easy once setup. try using the same name for all of these accounts.

YouTube – even if you don’t post vids, you may want to comment on some that have to do with your branding, so might as well use the same names as above – same as above, but allows for higher quality posting, also free or paid

LinkedIn – if it’s professional branding this might fit.  does not for us but it’s a good social network

FaceBook – same as above and more contemporary than MySpace (opinion).  again, not so much for us, but a valuable tool for the right reasons

CafePress – o_O   well ya never know, maybe you need something printed up for your branding?

there’s lots more, but this is a start.  then ya just need to get involved in the community.  blog, answer blogs, join groups, be active.  good luck  :)


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