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Openspace conversion on Monday, Jan. 5th

o_O Linden Lab really starts the New Year right!

holy cow!  for all the badmouthing that so many do about Second Life, including some from us with the Openspace changes (and anytime that a significant monetary impact is made, criticism is bound to occur, and we defend those that do speak their mind), we must note that 2009 starts with a massively great impression of Linden Lab’s customer service

thanks TJ Linden – your attention, judgement, questions, and flexibility have helped this transition (TJ could have simply converted the sims today, but we know many have not had a chance to prepare their stuff yet)

what we fully expected would take weeks was responded to within 12 hours of creating a work ticket.

as we have previously discussed, we planned to submit these conversion tickets between Jan 2nd and 4th in order to avoid an unplanned expense of several hundred dollars (not Lindens, but USD) 

so . . . sim conversions (as listed in the previous post) will occur on Monday.


some more info on iliveisl changes

wow what a dilemma we face with the openspace pricing change.  if you read our blog then you know it really upsets us.

with only three weeks left to act, we are moving into high gear.  many of you have provided great suggestions, thank you  :)

at first we thought that the increase to $9500 L per month now and $12,500 L in June would work.  but we are realizing that it only delays the eventual shift that all of SL will have from openspace to full sims.

there will still be a demand for OS by those that want the added value that the space does provide but probably as one owner that uses it as a single property or as a coop with friends.  that option would cost about $38,500 L.  however, some peeps think that LL is giving more prims with the price increase, they are not.  the new plan for openspace sims does not add more prims and does place script and avatar limits

here’s what we are planning so far: convert openspace sims into a few full sims and divide those sims into semi-private lots (as discussed in the previous post).  we know that a full sim with 9 lots will never have the privacy of an OS divided into 3.  BUT . . . you can end up with more prims (1,400 vs. 1,006).  but more prims mean more Lindens, so what would be $9,500 L in Jan and $12,500 L in June for 1006 prims, would be $10,500 for 1,400 prims.  certainly a better value

confused? that’s okay, here it is in other words. openspace sims will become “homestead” sims but be the same exact thing. still a sim with 3,750 prims but for 67% more Lindens.  it goes up a little in January, then the full amount in June

this whole price thing really sucks and in fact we were in San Fran last month and met with two biz people at Linden Labs.  we are really bummed on what this means to our residents and to us (we spend about 10 hours on each sim – terraforming and planting) plus our initial costs.  so it sucks for you and us  :(

if you have ideas, please comment here on the blog.  the 9 parcel sim is just a starting point, we can make almost anything.

it boils down to cost per prim basically.  a full sim prim costs about $7.5 L each (factor in the prims used to always have public land on all sides of every parcel), whereas homestead prims will be $12.50 L.  that is a huge diff!

so speak up here on the blog post and as we move closer, we will let you know what sims are being converted

if you are certain you want to stay with an openspace sim and will pay the $12,500 L, we suggest you get in touch with others on the estate to pool your names together.  feel free to list your name here stating that you’d like to stay on an openspace as they are now.  we need three people on one (or one person paying $38,500 L) to keep them going

some additional info on what happens during conversions.  one to four sims are used in conversions, the converted sims disappear and all items on them are returned to their owners (se we get a buttload of tress, rocksm and ferns in our lost and found folder).  the process takes a full two weeks without knowing exactly what date it will happen.  those sims are gone for good and a new full sim appears where we ask Linden Labs to place it.  so it is likely that the new sim is not in a place any of the original sims were.  our advice is to take all of your stuff into your invemtory as a coalesced group.  so you edit an item and then pull your camera way back and make a selection box around all your stuff.  then do Take and the objects will all be lumped together with the name of the last chosen object (look in recent right after taking it all and find the most recent object, instead of a single box icon, it will look like a few little boxes clumped together, rename that object something meaningful), once you arrive at your new parcel, rez that object out.  don’t click anything and position it in place.  sounds complicated but practice first to get the hang of it.  rez out some boxes and select them all and Take into inventory and re rez the group.  it really pays to practice.

it took two days for us to move the tier centre cuz i got cocky and said “watch this”  and to my horror, the move across the sim border messed it all up. two days!!!!  so we know what a pain this is  :(   gee subQ can have a wicked sense of humour at those times  :p  but

life is good if that is the biggest prob we face :)

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