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Eville Atomic Lounge, reborn! Free Martinis For All!!!!

EvilleAtomicLounge_001, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

holy cow! after poofing 580 objects and a month of work, ener and subquark put it all together again
and it’s bigger and better. there is now a group for the Eville Atomic Loinge that allows for people to host their own parties. just ask for an invite and you are able to set media options and rez your party stuff. this way we hope to avoid scheduling conflicts. once the party is done, we drop you from the group and all you have to do is ask again
dang, forgot to add our Super Officer DreamWalker. she has graciously offered her talents to add people to this group in case none of us are online. thank you Dreamwalker! ^_^



flamingo, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

yay, the Eville Atomic Lounge is being rebuilt.  it’s a bit bigger and bit heavier on the mid-century mod decor  :)
and i had the chance to visit with a good friend MM, whose last name certainly matches his creative ability.  what a great person, always felt bad in that past being busy with this and that and not stopping to chat longer.
apart from being a blender person, his abilities to build isl (and script) are truly inspiring  :)  he is working on a way cool robot, like the one from Lost in Space and it is fabulous!  these are the peeps that make sl such a great place, thank you MM for being patient with me and giving me the opportunity to chat with you.  it was an honour and privilege   ^_^
Klaatu barada nikto
onward to the Eville Atomic Lounge!  martinis anyone?  =D

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